Renfe trains waiting at A Coruña station, Source: Depositphotos

European youth residing in Spain can ride national trains at half price

European youth residing in Spain can ride national trains at half price

The special offer popularizing railway journeys among the 18-30 age group will be available until 15 September

Spain’s national railway carrier, Renfe, is seeking to make train travel cool and exciting for youth aged 18-30 by offering 50% discount rates all throughout the summer, so the youngsters will feel encouraged to get out there and explore.

The discount scheme, which is offered with support from the Spanish Ministry of Transport (MITMA), is already operational but it is specifically meant for journeys in the period 15 June – 15 September. What’s great is that it is not only offered to Spanish youth but to all EU citizens from that age group who are residing in the Iberian country.

Before accessing the beneficial rates, the young travellers-to-be must register at the ministry’s website and fill a form to prove they meet the requirements. Be warned, though, the info is only available in Spanish.

The pot is sweetened with an equivalent discount on Interrail Passes

The initiative is called Verano Joven (Young Summer) and it adds another dimension to the Spanish regional and urban trains, which are available to use for free for regular commuters of all ages this year.

With the current discount, which allows savings of up to 30 euros, young people can get a 50% discount on the long-distance and high-speed trains operating in the country. This includes AVE, Avlo, Alvia, Avant, Intercity and Euromed trains. Passengers on Media Distancia and Adif’s local metric gauge network can enjoy discounts of up to 90%.

The transport authorities, however, seems don’t want to be stingy and narrow the options to only Spain, which is why they are also giving 50% discounts on the Interrail Global Pass voucher for 10 days in 2 months. That last offer, however, still has the words ‘soon’ after it. So, some patience might be required before it gets available.

When you’re ready to buy a ticket, simply carry out the train search as usual, when you arrive at the Traveler Information screen, enter your personal data, and in the "Discounts, assistance services and promotional codes" section, choose the Verano Joven option from the drop-down menu and fill in the field with your MITMA registration code. The price of your ticket will be updated automatically. 

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