Lithuania border checkpoints, Source: Lithuania border checkpoints

Exit ban for Lithuanians lifted

Exit ban for Lithuanians lifted

Outpatient medical services in the Baltic country will resume

Under coronavirus restrictions imposed in mid-March, only Lithuanians working or living abroad have been allowed to leave their homeland. Starting today, the exit ban for Lithuanian citizens is lifted as part of a gradual easing of the lockdown, the government has announced.

Travel possible only through Latvia and Belarus

The relaxation will be in immediate effect for land and maritime borders, as the resumption of part of the flights is scheduled for 10 May. But since Poland and Russia have closed their borders to foreign nationals, Lithuanians can use the operating checkpoints to Belarus and Latvia, the other two neighbouring countries. Those leaving for Belarus, however, will be able to return home only via Poland or Latvia.

All arrivals in Lithuania must observe 14-day self-isolation as has been required so far. The country’s borders remain closed to foreign nationals, except for commercial carriers, diplomats and soldiers.

According to official figures, Lithuanian border guards have barred 450 Lithuanian nationals from leaving and 1 360 people from entering the Baltic country since the start of the lockdown.

Resumption of outpatient medical services

The Lithuanian government has also decided to reopen outpatient clinics to patients. But to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus infection, each facility will need to organize their work according to a plan agreed with the National Center for Public Health. The decision has been eagerly anticipated by both patients and medics.

"The current epidemiological situation and the successful management of this phase of the pandemic already allow us to renew the opportunities for people to take care of their health by visiting doctors and communicating live. Various options were considered, but after consultation with the medical community and experts, it has been agreed that all services can be provided, only the institutions have to do their homework first,” said Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga, quoted by BNS.

To this end, facility managers will need to meet certain requirements. Registration must ensure social distancing of patients, and specialist consultations must be planned in such a way as to maintain certain time intervals between visits, so as to allow for ventilating and disinfecting the premises.

Remote consultations will remain a priority for the time being, and only if health problems cannot be resolved at a distance will patients be able to consult live. As before, patients will continue to receive emergency dental services.



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