The Municipal Market in Famalicão , Source: Famalicão Municipality

Famalicão market will promote packaging reuse

Famalicão market will promote packaging reuse

Circular habits that can form a zero-waste reality

As of 5 June, World Environment Day, the Praça - Municipal Market of Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) is making available to all its customers and visitors the Circular Cupboard - a recovered piece of furniture, saved from the Municipal Furniture Bank, which will serve as a delivery and collection point for packaging destined for reuse. The initiative is part of the Zero Waste Market action of the Urbact – City of Resources project, which will be implemented by that market through the implementation of a set of good management practices for waste generated at the site.

Thinking of waste as a resource and part of a circular chain

Through the Circular Cupboard, materials, such as shopping bags, bottles, boxes, packaging, and egg cartons can be collected by consumers to be reused. These materials can also be deposited there for later reuse by the community. 

All packaging delivered will be properly disinfected for later reuse, being made available free of charge. The main objective is to raise awareness in the community about the reuse of packaging and the reduction in the consumption of plastic.

In addition to creating and making available the Circular Cupboard, the Zero Waste Market project also intends to develop a wide range of activities that seek to implement good practices, in a continuous process of training, promotion and recovery of the waste produced. Thus, through local operators and partners, channels for the recovery of the waste produced will be identified. 

Information and awareness-raising actions will be carried out on the separation of waste by market operators, namely by promoting and identifying spaces for each type of waste and valourization of its destination in the Waste House of the Praça. Activities will also be carried out to promote the use of sustainable packaging and bags (reusable, recyclable, sustainable) with operators and consumers.



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