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Famalicão promotes the use of its furniture bank

Famalicão promotes the use of its furniture bank

Residents can donate their furniture in the name of solidarity

Summer is a house-moving season for many people and on that occasion, the Portuguese municipality of Famalicão has decided to remind residents about the existence of a useful initiative under the name of Solidary Furniture Bank. Established in 2013, it has helped almost 2000 pieces of furniture find new owners providing more than 300 families with comfort in times when they could not afford it.

‘The furniture you don’t need can be valuable to someone else’

This season the Bank has started a new campaign under with the motto “The furniture you don’t need can be valuable to someone else”. The idea is two-pronged. It appeals to the charitable sensibilities of the people of the city reminding them that they can donate appliances, furniture pieces and mattresses, as long as they are still in a good condition, but it also helps reduce unnecessary domestic waste.

“This is one of those projects that cannot be forgotten in our community and whose existence continues to make perfect sense. Obviously, the Furniture Bank stands out for its solidarity and the help it represents for the neediest families in the municipality, but we must not forget that with this project we are also optimizing the life cycle of these pieces giving them a new life,” declared Paulo Cunha, the Mayor of Famalicão.

The initiative counts with the partnership of the services of the Vila Nova de Famalicão Social Network which has compiled a database of the households in need of furniture and is in charge of delivering the donated pieces to them.

Donating your furniture is very easy. All one has to do is call 252 320 940 or send an e-mail to to arrange a collection and even disassembly of their furniture from their house.

This year there is also a planned project for the restoration of damages to donated furniture so it will increase its life. This will be coordinated with the Local Volunteer Bank of the municipality.



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