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Famous movie quotes will adorn Burgas benches

Famous movie quotes will adorn Burgas benches

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In anticipation of a challenging tourist season, Burgas is already preparing to attract the interest of domestic and foreign visitors. This time, the seaside city’s latest initiative focuses on its prestige as a destination for film productions.

In the coming days, Burgas will select famous quotes from Bulgarian films, which could be read on the benches in the city, cheering up passers-by and creating buzz on social media.

"Wow, do you know you have wonderful eyes?"

In the last two years, Burgas has become one of the most sought-after cities for film productions in Bulgaria, reminded by the Municipality. The city hosts festivals such as "Sofia International Film Festival At The Coast ", Burgas International Film Festival, CineLibri, International Documentary Historical Film Festival.

Now, to make the conditions for a more successful tourist season, the "film city" will experiment with classic, memorable lines from Bulgarian cinema and television, which have left a lasting memory in the minds of the audience. They will be used to decorate the benches in the city - an action that will cost little to the municipal budget but will hopefully bring high added cultural value and provoke interest on social networks.

The benches are chosen for the action as a type of city furniture, located in communicative places, which attracts people for rest, pleasant moments with friends or romantic meetings. The team behind the initiative have already come up with some ideas, such as:

  • "It's a sprat, but it's still a fish." - "It's a fish, but it's still a sprat!" from the movie "Whale/Kit" (translation from Wikipedia);
  • "Wow, do you know you have wonderful eyes?" – famous Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov playing a local Don Juan in "Ladies' Choice/Dami kanyat";
  • "Mothers and fathers, parents, why are you slapping your future?" - the song of Zhenya from "Vasco da Gama from the village of Rupcha";
  • "Money is manure from which beautiful flowers sprout" - Todor Kolev in "Dangerous Charm/Opasen char";
  • "Dad said he would buy me a bike, but another time!" from "А Dog in a Drawer/ Kuche v chekmedzhe".

Online users are invited to submit suggestions for other replicas on the Facebook page of the tourist platform of Go to Burgas.

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