Danube river, Source: Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Republic of Bulgaria

Ferry line Calarasi-Silistra resumes work after 10-year break

Ferry line Calarasi-Silistra resumes work after 10-year break

The ferry connecting Calarasi and Silistra on the Danube river is operating again

The ferry line Calarasi-Silistra connecting Romania and Bulgaria resumed its service on Monday, March 15, 2021. After a ten-year hiatus, the cities of Calarasi and Silistra will be connected across the water once again.

The transport service is operated by a Romanian corporation, with the first trip having departed from the Danube's Romanian bank. On this occasion, the border crossing point at the Silistra ferry station will be reopened.

The ferry Silistra - Calarasi is open all year round with working hours from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, but in heavy traffic, there will be additional trips. The crossings take place every 30 minutes from both shores. The average crossing time is 12-15 minutes.

Heavy trucks will be diverted from the city of Silistra

According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, heavy truck traffic on city roads will be temporarily suspended due to a decision by local authorities in Silistra. These trucks will not be able to pass through the joint Silistra - Ostrov border checkpoint and will be diverted through the rest of the border crossing points between Bulgaria and Romania. This will make truck drivers make longer detours on the new route, which has led to criticism.

The reestablishment of the ferry service between Silistra and Calarasi has resulted in a new organization for the transport of large trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons. All traffic has already been diverted through the Silistra-Ostrov border checkpoint, which is situated within the city limits, and cars, buses, and trucks weighing less than 3.5 tons can continue to do so.

This is intended to solve the problem that the citizens of Silistra had with large vehicles passing through the residential areas. There are now 38 traffic signs directing trucks from the city's land boundary road to the ferry terminal, which had been established more than a decade ago.

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