You can create your own avatar before taking the quiz, Source: Eurostat

Find out how you fare among other young Europeans, with Eurostat’s fun online quiz

Find out how you fare among other young Europeans, with Eurostat’s fun online quiz

EU’s statistical office has found a way to present what could be dry info in a more interactive and game-like manner

Happy International Youth Day to our younger readers! And since this is 2022, why not do something fun and digital that also helps you find how your life is compared to your peers living in your own and other European countries. It’s pretty neat.

We present you with Eurostat’s ‘Young Europeans’ interactive tool. Sure, they could’ve called it a game and attracted even more attention, but let’s not hold it against them. They have still managed to break some new ground by allowing people to enter the usually dry-ish world of statistics and graphs in an engaging way – thanks to an individually tailored online quiz.

Create an avatar and get your stats on

If you are aged between 16 and 29 years, the new tool offers you the possibility to compare yourself with other young people in your country. But this tool is also for everyone else, younger or older, who is curious to find out more about the young generation in Europe.

‘Young Europeans’ consists of questions on 4 different topics: life and wellbeing; health; work and education; digital world. You have the option to create an avatar which is used through your journey in the tool. You are asked for some basic details, such as your country and age, which are needed to compare yourself to your peers.

If you are not between 16 and 29 years old, you can choose the age range you are most interested in.

So go on, try it out already and get wise about what it is to be a young European today.



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