Finland Cares campaign illustrates the importance of volunteer work

Finland Cares campaign illustrates the importance of volunteer work

The four-week campaign seeks to inspire citizens to take up a cause they are passionate about

This week, the Finnish government launched a new campaign to show the importance of volunteering during times of crisis. Launched on 16 August, the Finland Cares campaign shares the stories of various volunteers and organisations with the aim of encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

Making the world a better place

Volunteers are individuals who put themselves forward to help make their communities better without expecting to be rewarded. The work of these people has been felt most strongly over the past year and a half following the outbreak of COVID. All around the world, organisations and good-hearted people sought ways to help vulnerable communities such as the elderly in order to keep them safe.

Without this help, such communities would have struggled tremendously as they would have been unable to gain access to essential products such as food and medicine. In addition to this, they would have suffered from emotional distress and loneliness. Therefore, these past months have proven the importance of volunteer work during times of crisis.

Read their stories

One of the main goals of the Finland Cares campaign is to showcase the type of work volunteers do. Beyond helping vulnerable communities during the pandemic, volunteers have taken part in work relating to human rights, poverty, exclusion, mental health, and equality, among others.

Now, with this four-week campaign, the Finnish government seeks to share the stories of individuals from approximately 50 organisations. To learn more about these individuals and understand the type of work they do, one can read their stories on the campaign’s website. Finland Cares will be visible online on social media and it will use the hashtags #SuomiVälittää and #FinlandBryrSig.

It is hoped that the campaign will inspire many others to take up a cause they feel passionate about and help make the world a better place.



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