Finland – the perfect skiing destination for the winter holidays

Finland – the perfect skiing destination for the winter holidays

The country has over 100 ski resorts and snow around 200 days every year

Did you know that the tallest peak in Finland is Haltitunturi towering at a height of 1,324m, situated right on the Norwegian border? Although the country is characterized by a lack of mountains, it nonetheless boasts over 100 ski resorts. And ski lovers have plenty to celebrate - 200 days per year, one can find snow in the country, and there are plenty of hills, with their very own ski centres.

While there are quite a few of those in southern Finland, the further north you travel, the more fantastic resorts you'll find - such as Ylläs which boasts 63 slopes, Levi with 45 and Ruka with 35.

Why are the Finnish ski resorts perfect for ski lovers?

The first reason is the snow. As we mentioned earlier, the country gets a lot of snow and it's there to stay for a while. As you might know, Lapland is situated above the Arctic Circle, and the winters are long and cold. The first resorts open in November and continue operating until May. Finland is a very well developed high-tech country, so even when the snow is missing there are very efficient snowmaking systems on hand to handle the issue.

The ski slopes are always in excellent condition, totally free of ice and rocks. In addition, the ski zones are very clearly marked. As Finland is the most north-easterly country in Europe and the days are short while the nights are long in winter, all resorts have very well lit slopes.

Every Finnish ski resort offers different kinds of slopes for every skill level, from the challenging black slopes for the most experienced to the gentler green or transition slopes for beginners and children. Every resort also provides plenty of cross-country ski tracks, many kilometres of which are illuminated.

The Finnish ski resorts are very appropriate for families, not just because of the excellent onsite facilities, but also because of the numerous activities available nearby. The accommodation options offer rental chalets or apartment rentals, where families can relax.



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