Artificial Intelligence will be tested in Hesse

First region-wide pilot project for artificial intelligence in Hesse

First region-wide pilot project for artificial intelligence in Hesse

The German state will participate in a testing hub for AI

Hesse authorities signed a joint declaration on the establishment of an AI Quality & Testing Hub with the President of the VDE (Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies). Last week the German state and the association outlined the goal of the initiative to put AI systems to the test.

Research and development, standardisation and certification are combined under one roof in the hub. In this way, the hub makes an important contribution to developing and applying AI responsibly.

Artificial intelligence – the key technology of 21st century

“AI is developing into the key technology of the 21st century, as it can offer solutions to many societal challenges. The Hessian state government wants to promote the quality of AI together with the VDE and make it verifiable. We are convinced, that the high quality of AI systems is the basis for trust and use in this technology,” emphasised Hesse's digital minister Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus.

In the AI ​​Quality & Testing Hub, data aspects should also play a role . In addition to certification, opportunities for dialogue, discourse, experimentation and knowledge are also expected to be created.

The initiative is to be supported by the State-funded Centre for Responsible Digitisation and the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI). In the dialogue process that is now starting, the concept of the hub is to be refined in order to enter a foundation phase of the hub by mid-2022.

With the update of the digital strategy, the Hesse government is relying in particular on the strong brand "KI made in Hessen", which stands for responsible innovations and AI applications in the digital sector.

"The pandemic once again clearly demonstrated the necessary innovation boost through digitization, but also made clear the need for action. With the new project, we are actively participating in the design of a European legal framework for AI and thus making a practical contribution to making AI trustworthy so that AI is developed and used for the benefit of people," concluded Sinemus.



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