Tesla's Brandenburg factory could produce 500,000 cars at peak capacity, Source: Tesla, Inc

First Tesla factory in Europe will open in Germany

First Tesla factory in Europe will open in Germany

This will be the largest industrial development in Eastern Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall

After almost two years of construction, the Tesla Gigafactory located in the suburbs of Berlin is set to open on Tuesday. At the same time, according to the Twitter account of “Elon Musk’s Jet”, the US-based billionaire has made his way to Germany today.

Ramping up production capacity

The new factory will be the largest industrial development in Eastern Germany since reunification and according to some sources, it will provide the region with an additional 12,000 jobs. At the same time, the facility is set to be one of the largest producers of the Model Y – a compact electric SUV with a four-wheel drive.

Model Y is the vehicle with the shortest range in the Tesla family, totalling out at around 530 kilometres, compared with Model S capable to run for over 630 kilometres. Nevertheless, the company seems to be expecting high demand in Europe.

According to some expert estimates, shortly after the plant opens, it will be capable of producing 1,000 cars per week. Tesla, on the other hand, expects to pump out half a million Model Y’s at full production.  

Currently, there are 2,600 people employed in the facility in Grünheide, with that number growing to a whopping 12,000 – possibly causing a drastic shift in the quiet state of Brandenburg.

model y tesla modelModel Y has a shorter range than other Tesla cars, Source: Tesla, Inc.

The environment and conflict

While the opening ceremony is taking place tomorrow, citizens of Grünheidehave have planned a protest march that will start at the local train station and will reach the factory. The protest is motivated by local fears that the Tesla facility could cause water pollution since it is located in a drinking water protected area.

This is why the company has to implement 400 requirements and conditions to begin operations in areas including drinking water, air quality and work safety. Interestingly enough, Tesla obtained the operating licence today, however, the Ministry of the Environment pointed out that not all 400 conditions need to be met in order to open the plant.



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