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Florence and Milan sign Charter of values of Italian catering

Florence and Milan sign Charter of values of Italian catering

The document aims to give the sector agency in safeguarding traditions

This week the mayors of Milan and Florence signed the so-called Charter of values of Italian catering – a document that aims to mobilize this business sector into promoting more sustainable and locally oriented supply chain practices. In essence, it’s a commitment by the local catering industries to uphold the traditions of the gastronomy sector in the country, which is considered an important cultural marker and economic engine.

It holds six values

The Charter is promoted by the Italian Federation of public businesses (FIPE). It was conceived by Davide Rampello, curator of Pavilion Zero of Expo Milano 2015 and artistic director of the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai.

Its origin stems from the need to forge a supply chain pact between restaurateurs, producers, farmers and cities, indicating the lines of action for the promotion and enhancement of Italian food and wine excellences. There are six values ​​(Economy, Community, Care, Culture, Memory, Environment) and two actions (Festivals and Training).

Among the stated aims are: the creation of a Festival of hospitality and the culture of Italian catering and the founding of an academy for the culture and business of Italian catering that can guarantee the highest level of training for young generations of entrepreneurs. That institution will preparing the entrepreneurs for the Italian culture of business, and networking, imbibing them with awareness and pride of being part of a coherent and traditional system.

The Italian restaurant, and the Milanese in particular, expresses great economic, identity and attraction values that the FIPE Charter of Values ​​intends to promote by combining food and wine excellence with the values ​​of sociability, conviviality and tradition, to which the enhancement of our tourist offer and agri-food heritage are connected,” commented the president of the Association of Public Business in Milan (EPAM), Lino Stoppani.

Over 8,750 catering establishments operate in Milan alone (4,100 of them restaurants) with a total turnover in 2021 of over 3.2 billion euros, according to FIPE stats. 



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