'Oil of Florence' - a new label with an interesting backstory

Florence residents can now adopt an olive grove

Florence residents can now adopt an olive grove

The idea is not only to preserve the plants but to also start producing oil from them

It turns out that the Municipality of Florence owns quite a few olive groves on its territory and the authorities are in need of help with their upkeep. As a result, City Hall has initiated a new campaign called “Adopt an Olive Grove” as a way to encourage residents to get involved in that botanical matter.

This may sound like many other ‘adopt something’ campaigns at a first glance, however, the administration assures that this is not simply about gardening. The citizens or associations that sign up for the activity will get the chance to actually produce their own artisanal olive oil.

The production will carry a special “Oil of Florence” label

The initiative will thus allow associations, committees and citizens who want to adopt olive groves not only to take care of the urban agricultural territory but also to produce their own oil and be able to use it for their own needs, putting it in sale only to support and realize the purposes of their activities. In this way, the Municipality envisions the creation of a special label “Oil of Florence”.

All subjects, individuals or associates, can apply for the adoption of an olive grove among those available on an online map and then sign a collaboration agreement with the authorities. The online option of the olive grove will be active for 30 days, extendable only once for another 30 days, within which the collaboration agreement must be signed. 

It will be necessary to also organize a visit with the technicians from the Environment Department, who will be able to illustrate the regulations drawn up for the care of the olive groves. The collaboration agreement will have a duration of three years, renewable for another three.



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