Marbella is the first Spanish place to top the prestigious annual ranking, Source: Depositphotos

For the first time ever, Europe's Best Destination is in Spain

For the first time ever, Europe's Best Destination is in Spain

Marbella snatched the prestigious title for 2024, proving its colours with the travelling public

The European Best Destination travel website published its prestigious annual ranking last week based on the voting choices of more than 1 million travellers from all over the world. The public chose sunny Marbella (Spain) as their top getaway spot in the Old Continent.

That an Andalusian coastal city, full of charms and all the conveniences that a discerning tourist crowd could hope for, should win is perhaps a surprise to no one. Yet, prepare to be surprised when you find out that this represents the first time a Spanish destination has taken the number 1 spot in the ranking since the website’s launch in 2009.

The allure of Marbella

Marbella is quite notable as a prime golfing destination and apparently, this features heavily among the reasons for the accolade. Within the municipality, there are 14 golf courses, comprising eight golf clubs with 18 holes, one with 27 holes, two with an 18-hole course plus a nine-hole layout and three venues offering nine holes.

Nevertheless, it’s not just golfers who would be attracted to the Spanish city. Food lovers, and surely these are plentiful, will be spoilt for choice if they book their tickets to Marbella.

The wide range from three Michelin-starred restaurants to small traditional tascas specializing in eternal Andalusian fare underscores the culinary paradise status of the city.

Shopping is another activity that seems inexhaustible in Marbella – from high-end boutiques in Puerto Banus to the Old Town vintage outlets and family stores, visitors might get so sidetracked that they would forget to visit the beaches. And that they shouldn’t, given the Costa del Sol’s reputable fame for a summer that refuses to quit.

The second and third spots in the ranking went to two other classy Mediterranean spots – Monaco and Malta, respectively.

The award-winning destinations are promoted not only on the organization's travel website but also in associated media such as Forbes USA, Condé Nast, Corriere Viaggi or Yahoo, with a cumulative audience of approximately 420 million travellers.



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