A message to lucky guy called Gustavo, Source: Ville de Paris/ Jean-Baptiste Gurliat

For Valentine’s Day, you can use Paris info boards as love letters

For Valentine’s Day, you can use Paris info boards as love letters

Let your amorous intentions be known throughout the French capital, because if not there, where else?

Valentine’s Day is almost back on the calendar and so is the annual invitation from the City of Paris to its citizens to use the municipal information boards as a canvas where they can show off their feelings to someone dear to their heart.

Residents of the French capital have the chance to compose a beautiful message, whether it be a declaration of love, a marriage proposal or just some well-placed sweet words and have it seen by thousands on one of the information boards standing on the streets. The City Council is reminding people that the deadline to send their messages is until 7 February at noon.

Paris, mon amour!

That Paris would know a thing or two about tugging at the heartstrings of people should come as no surprise as the City of Light has long held an iconic status as the City of Love, as well.

Naturally, since the invitation is open to everyone and the messages will be publicly displayed there needs to be some vetting, which is why the deadline is a whole week before the actual Valentine’s Day.

The authorities are urging people to get in touch with their poetic and creative side while leaving the vulgarities aside, as those kinds of messages would certainly not make it onto the billboards.

And if you’re feeling stuck for inspiration and perhaps you have too much to say, keep in mind that there is a limit to the word count. In a sense, it’s a bit like posting on Twitter. The messages should be posted on the municipal website and must be written in lowercase and contain up to 145 characters.

There’s no indication about the language that can be used, though perhaps this being France only Moliere’s language will do. The authors of the love messages approved by the officials will be notified by e-mail.



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