Ramadan street decorations in Frankfurt, Source: City of Frankfurt

Frankfurt puts up Ramadan lights decorations on its streets

Frankfurt puts up Ramadan lights decorations on its streets

This is the first time that the German city is honouring its Muslim residents this way

Even though Spring Day is around the corner, the central pedestrian street of Frankfurt is shining bright at night with cheerful lights and decorations akin to what one is used to seeing in December. But instead of “Merry Christmas” this time around the message on them says “Happy Ramadan” and honours the biggest holiday in the Islamic calendar, which this year falls in March.

This is the first time that the German city is implementing such an initiative and the aim of the local authorities is to show care for the affairs of its Muslim residents.

Ramadan is a time in which people reflect on what is really important in life: having something to eat, a roof over your head, and peace and comfort with family, friends and neighbours," Frankfurt city council chairperson Hilime Arslaner commented, as quoted by I Am Expat. 

15% of Frankfurt’s population is Muslim

Muslims are not a fringe minority in the German city, known as the financial hub of continental Europe, and actually make up some 15 percent of the entire population there. Overall, the city, also referred to as Mainhattan, is a truly multicultural municipality.

The decorations, which light up at night, feature crescent moons, stars and lanterns, together with signs wishing “Happy Ramadan”. They can be seen on Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse — known colloquially as the Fressgass (food alley), due to the abundance of restaurants on it.

Overall, around 6,6 percent of the population of Germany is Muslim, over five million people, according to the latest figures. This year, the Ramadan holy month of fasting begins on the evening of March 10 and will finish on April 9 with Eid al-Fitr celebrations.



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