Frederiksberg town hall, Source: Frederiksberg Municipality

Frederiksberg establishes a new climate alliance

Frederiksberg establishes a new climate alliance

16 municipalities in Denmark have joined forces to meet municipal and national climate goals

On 4 June, the Danish Municipality of Frederiksberg announced that it has formed a new climate alliance with 16 municipalities. The cities in this alliance will join forces, maintain political focus, and strengthen municipal climate efforts.

Frederiksberg’s dedication to becoming a greener city has been proven numerous times over the past several years. Taking a case in point, the municipality’s plan to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030 recently received approval from C40. Now, it has taken yet another leap towards fighting the climate crisis.

A milestone for Danish municipalities

Over the past year, numerous action plans for local climate initiatives have been outlined in the DK2020 project. These plans seek to guarantee that the aforementioned initiatives comply with the objectives of the international Paris Agreement. The formation of a climate alliance is seen as the next important step as its primary aim will be to ensure that the outlined actions are implemented.

The 16 municipalities will therefore support each other, work together, and strengthen local climate efforts. Commenting on this, Mayor of Frederiksberg Simon Aggesen noted that the alliance can be seen as a milestone for the municipalities’ climate efforts. Moreover, its establishment is crucial for the achievement of national goals.

C40 applauds the formation of the new alliance

Various organisations have commended Frederiksberg for taking the initiative to establish such an alliance. Praising the municipality, Executive Director of C40 Mark Watts shared: “The mayors of C40 collaborate with each other by sharing knowledge, tools and experience in relation to developing ambitious climate goals. Over the years, this kind of collaboration has proven to be invaluable in terms of going the step from thought to action.

Mayor Simon Aggesen has shown his commitment to raising the level of ambition by creating a similar network among the municipalities in Denmark and we thank him for taking this important step towards a robust climate leadership both in Denmark and internationally.”

The alliance’s first meeting was held virtually on Friday 4 June where Mayor Simon Aggesen was appointed chairman for a two-year period. With time, it is hoped that more Danish municipalities will join the climate alliance.



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