Frederiksberg gardens, Source: Frederiksberg Municipality

Frederiksberg’s climate plan receives approval from C40

Frederiksberg’s climate plan receives approval from C40

The Danish city wants to become CO2 neutral by 2030

For many years, the Danish municipality of Frederiksberg has worked hard to become a greener city and reduce its CO2 emissions. As a result, it has succeeded in cutting down emissions by over 50% since 2005.

Now, it plans to become CO2 neutral by 2030

According to the municipality’s website, Frederiksberg wants to become a healthy and green city. In its climate plan, it includes a green ownership strategy through which the municipality aims to supply 100% green district heating.

In addition to this, the city seeks to transform its transport sector so that it is mostly based on green fuels. That is, Frederiksberg hopes to employ zero-emission buses and electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the climate plan discusses the development of cloudburst projects which will be able to contain 250,000 m3 of rainwater and protect the city against flooding. Finally, Frederiksberg reported that it wants to reduce its heat island effect by cooling the city at selected locations.

Approval from C40

On Tuesday 13 April, the Danish municipality proudly announced that its climate plan has received approval from the international city network, C40. In other words, Frederiksberg’s plan to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030 is in accordance with the Paris Agreement which aims to limit global warming and fight climate change.

Mayor of Frederiksberg Simon Aggesen expressed his delight and discussed the importance of the city’s climate action as he noted: “I am very pleased that our climate work has now been given the “green stamp”, which shows that our plans live up to an international standard and thus document our path to CO2 neutrality in 2030.”

He further praised the efforts of Frederiksberg’s municipal council and explained that by fighting climate change, the city fights to protect future generations.



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