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Free and green mobility to help you discover Iberian nature

Free and green mobility to help you discover Iberian nature

E-charged cars and bikes are available for tourists, together with a plethora of routes

MOVELETUR is a multi-partner Interreg VA España-Portugal (POCTEP) project that has a clear goal – make the cross-border natural regions in northern Portugal and north-western Spain easily accessible without compromising their environmental condition. For the purpose, visitors to these Natura 2000 regions can look forward to enjoying some pristine beauty without worrying about mobility, costs or emissions. They have the chance to book and use a free e-bicycle or an e-car and then travel the nearly 1000 kilometres of the route network.

New technology making inroads into nature

Naturally, there is always hiking possibilities to venture out and explore what nature has to offer but if one wants to go the extra distance and is short on time or suffers from mobility restrictions then the MOVELETUR project is there to level the field.

There are 16 strategically located car battery charging points in the natural parks. In Spain, four are in Gredos Regional Park, one in Batuecas Natural Park, three in Arribes del Duero Natural Park and three in Sanabria Natural Park. Portugal’s Montesinho Natural Park has five charging points.

To maximise the use of the e-vehicles, the project enhanced electric mobility tourism. The MOVELETUR team created a network of tourist itineraries which include the charging stations. These routes take in public buildings, cultural attractions, scenic stops and accommodation options to ensure visitors make the most of their trips. Users can travel with confidence knowing that their emission-free transport will not run out of power – even in the most isolated places.

With 987 kilometres of routes, the project partners want to encourage the spirit of adventure in travellers and welcome them to devise their own itinerary. There are 11 e-bike routes in Spain and seven in Portugal. If one ventures out in an e-car then he or she can choose from among 11 routes in Spain and three in the neighbouring country.

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