Madrid cabs show their social side come the winter holiday season, Source: Unsplash

Free cabs take seniors on a tour around Xmas Madrid

Free cabs take seniors on a tour around Xmas Madrid

The social initiative has proven popular not only with the beneficiaries but also with the drivers

Taxiluz is the name of a social initiative in the Spanish capital, Madrid, which gives elderly passengers the chance to experience a free magical journey taking them to all the Christmas lights in the city. Reportedly, some 900 Madrileño senior residents are able to benefit from the project this holiday season.

Taxiluz (meaning Taxi Light in English) aims to bring seniors out of the confinement of their homes and help them live the Christmas joy and cheer that the decorations bring out upon viewing them. Elderly residents tend to experience more difficulties with mobility and also suffer from high rates of isolation.

Wondrous Xmas journey

The initiative takes place for one day every winter, and this year that day is today (21 December). The idea itself was born in 2016 when the Madrid Taxi Drivers’ Guild decided to do something special for seniors living in care homes. This year, the charity is financed by the Scheinberg Relief Fund.

At first, only 20 cab drivers expressed interest to participate, however, as time has progressed so has the enthusiasm to be part of this good opportunity. Now, hundreds of taxi drivers come together to organize free tours of the city’s Christmas lights.

Most amazingly, the tours still managed to take place even on 29 December 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic. Apart from growing in popularity among the cab drivers of Madrid, the initiative has found new adepts elsewhere and is now offered in 12 cities across Spain.

The tours last for two hours and after their completion, the passengers and drivers gather for a cup of hot chocolate and a bit of holiday cheer.



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