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Free computer game teaches Rotterdam's children about cybercrime

Free computer game teaches Rotterdam's children about cybercrime

Making good use of kids’ love for gaming and of the final days of the summer vacation

Without a doubt, gaming is one of the favourite pastime activities for young people today. But spending hours in the gaming hall can also bring great benefits, and not only those stemming from leisure time.

Tackling cybercrime through gamification

One good example is learning about cybercrime and the dangers of being present in the online space – at least as far as children and young adults in Rotterdam are concerned. Rotterdam’s youth are now able to learn this through gamification, one of the most engaging approaches to teaching nowadays.

As the municipal website informs, Rotterdam has provided the possibility for youngsters to play a special game, called Hackshield, for free. Not only that, but playing will happen in one of the most popular gaming locations in the city -  Go!Gaming in the Pathé cinema.

Until 28 August, the game will be open to 8-12 years old – a group which is increasingly falling victim to cybercrimes, according to the city authorities. Through the interactive game, they learn everything about safe internet use, and problems like phishing, fake news and hacking.

The game puts the players in the position of cyber agents, which teaches them about the phenomena as they play and requires from them to recognise cybercrime and protect themselves, their families, classmates, and friends from it. As they progress ahead in the game, they gain a shield per each level.

Accordingly, the more shields they collect, the better they are protected against cybercrime. In the end, the top 3 players will also receive a prize - an entrance ticket to the large HackShield event on October 14.

HackShield is free to play at GO!Gaming hall, in Pathé Schouwburgplein, from 13:00 to 16:00 until 28 of August. If you are not in Rotterdam, you can also play the game online,  from the comfort of your couch on this link.



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