Free guided tours invite Krakow residents to become tourists in their own city

Free guided tours invite Krakow residents to become tourists in their own city

70 thematic guided walks will be available until October

With a special campaign, Krakow invites its own citizens to rediscover its culture and history. No less than 70 free thematic guided tours are awaiting the residents of the Polish city. Starting from this weekend, they will last until October and will be organised every weekend, twice a day.

Rediscovering Krakow, after the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced cities and regions to reconsider their approaches to tourism and made them act with caution when targeting future visitors. Many of them, naturally, turned to a market with unexplored potential – people who live in the same city.

Authorities in Krakow are among those that decided to pay special attention to their fellow townsmen throughout the summer season having compiled a high-quality tourism experience for them. Free guided tours every weekend until October, will challenge Krakowians to explore the hidden secrets of the former Polish capital.

Monuments, cafes, synagogues, Wawel rulers, Nowa Huta, Young Poland and Jewish cemeteries - the City of Krakow and Krakow Festival Office tailored a total of 70 thematic guided walks for the residents of Krakow as part of the campaigns "Be a tourist in your city - visit Krakow" and "Krakow undiscovered".

What is more, the measure aims to support local guides who are having a rough time finding clients in the current circumstances, explained the mayor of the city. “Even if it seems to us that we know the city where we live every day, I am sure that each of the walks will surprise us with something. That is why I encourage you to download free admission tickets for one of seventy walks today” also added Jacek Majchrowski.

The first walk takes place on Saturday, July 11, with a view from the Wawel tower over the city. During the walk, called "A Different Royal Hill", participants will learn the history of Wawel Hill, its urban planning and defence systems which will all be concluded with the revealing of secret.

If you are a resident of Krakow, waste no time, book your free tickets now and rediscover your city.



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