The City of Warsaw has decided to turn to the mass appeal of public transit as a way to raise awareness about mental health, Source: Unsplash

Free mental health tram is rolling on Warsaw’s streets today

Free mental health tram is rolling on Warsaw’s streets today

The one-day service is marked with the letter H, for help, and passengers can find useful information on board

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, 10 October, the City of Warsaw has decided to approach awareness raising with a creative action – placing a metal health tram line, which is free to ride today. The Mental Health Tram (Tramwaj Zdrowia Psychicznego) will also be known as Tram H, from the first letter of the English word ‘help’.

On board of the vehicle, passengers will be able to find information about mental health protection, crisis management, seeking help and prevention. The tram line runs between Narutowicza Square and Kawęczyńska Basilica with three departures from each direction.

Also, there is a conference on mental health

The tram line is a key part of the awareness-raising campaign happening in the Polish capital, which is also organizing a conference on mental health issues today, with representatives from the World Health Organization, the European Commission and the Alliance Against Depression attending.

We know that depression can affect anyone at any stage of life and is a very serious disease. That is why we want residents to know where to look for support and help, which we provide in municipal institutions,” stated Renata Kaznowska, deputy mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

She added: “As specialists are alarming, the number of young people in a mental crisis is also growing dramatically, which is why we are developing a city help offer for children and youth.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression will be the most common disease in the world in the next few years. According to recent data, the number of patients globally is over 350 million, and in Europe alone it is nearly 85 million. Officially, over 1.5 million people struggle with depression in Poland.



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