The law allows three plants per household, Source: Depositphotos

From 1 April, Germans can grow cannabis at home

From 1 April, Germans can grow cannabis at home

The legalization of the recreational drug in the country has been described as partial, and for some people, it doesn’t reach far enough

The long-awaited legalization of cannabis consumption and possession in Germany is about to become a reality on 1 April – well, at least partially. The step was finalized after the country’s Senate – the Bundesrat, approved the bill today.

Don’t expect Amsterdam-style coffeeshops to pop up all over the place, though, as the relaxation around marijuana consumption comes with certain limitations and is rather careful.

The law states that recreational cannabis will either be cultivated by users at home or consumed in so-called "non-commercial cultivation associations," also known as "cannabis social clubs."

Easier for regular weed smokers, but harder for the rest

For those keen to try growing at home, the limit will be three plants per household. If plant care is not your thing, then you will have the option of applying to and joining a cannabis social club, which can have up to 500 members and where onsite consumption will be allowed. That option is only open to German residents, however, as authorities don’t seem interested in encouraging drug tourism.

Furthermore, there will be a limit on cannabis possession. At home, the limit will be 50 grams, whereas in public that will be only limited to 25 grams.

In addition, weed consumption in public will have certain restrictions. Smoking pot near schools or sports grounds will still be illegal during the day until 20:00.

In a sense, the partial legalization will have the effect of making it easier for those who regularly smoke marijuana to do so openly, but at the same time, it will remain just as hard for occasional smokers as they will still have to resort to the black market when they want to dabble in recreational soft drug use.



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