A business jet at Eindhoven Airport, Source: Depositphotos

From 2026, Eindhoven Airport will not allow private jets anymore

From 2026, Eindhoven Airport will not allow private jets anymore

This is part of the commitment to speed up CO2 emissions reduction on the part of the management

Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) plans to become a no-go hub for fossil-fuel private jets, starting in 2026. This was announced yesterday in a press release by the transportation hub – an announcement which also detailed other measures that management is planning to undertake as a way of accelerating its sustainability goals for the year 2030.

Said goals include the reduction of CO2 emissions and noise by 30% until the end of the decade, as well as cutting down on the number of flights.

Doing its part for a greener aviation sector in Europe

Targeting private flights is one of those ways that the Eindhoven Airport is confident will speed up the achievement of the stated decarbonization objectives. The reason why the welcome mat will not be extended to private jets is because they have a much higher noise and CO2 footprint per passenger than commercial aviation.

Nevertheless, the statement indicates that a small window of opportunity will be allocated for private aviation, if and when, electric aircraft gets developed in the future.

And it’s not just small airplanes either. The management will also target all aircraft with the declaration that only the latest-generation planes will be granted access to the airport by 2030!

Other measures that will be part of the overall decarbonisation plan include the introduction of a departure procedure designed to be as unintrusive as possible regarding noise disturbance levels for the residential areas in the vicinity of the airport.

Finally, there will also be a higher blending requirement for sustainable aircraft fuel, which will include a financial contribution from Eindhoven Airport for airlines refuelling with this type of fuel. For 2024, the amount set aside for this subsidy is half a million euros.



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