Placing a bracelet before going to the beach, Source: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

Fuengirola ensures no children are lost on its beaches

Fuengirola ensures no children are lost on its beaches

The solution? Identification bracelets equipped with a QR code

Authorities in Fuengirola (Spain) decided to up the guarantee for a pleasant and secure beach sojourn with the provision of identification bracelets. These will be available for children and seniors, who may require supervision. The bracelets are equipped with a QR code containing the contact information of the guardians.

The lifeguards will also stay vigilant for lost children on the beach

Parents or guardians interested in getting one of these bracelets should go to any of the rescue and first-aid posts on the city's beaches to request it. The accessories consist of a QR code to which those responsible for the service assign the contact details of those responsible for the minor or dependent adult.

In case of loss, and once the person has been located by any component of the Rescue and Lifeguard service or the beach guards, the staff will scan the QR code. They will then contact the parents in order to facilitate the reunion and hopefully relieve what is usually a very distressing situation.

It is common for a minor or an elderly person, who is under guardianship for health reasons, to get lost among the many visitors that we have on our beaches and that they turn to our lifeguards to find their relatives. To make this process easier, for years we have been offering our neighbours and visitors bracelets with which we can quickly locate their guardians,” explained Javier Hidalgo, the local Councillor responsible for Beaches.

As Hidalgo has pointed out, it is a provision that the Department of Beaches has introduced as mandatory in the current Rescue and Lifeguard service contract. That means that since June, the lifeguards have been informing the beachgoing families of this service so that they can use it for minors or dependents.

The councillor added even more assurances: "In the event that a minor or elderly person becomes disoriented on a beach and does not have this bracelet on, the lifeguards notify the nearest aero-surveillance post to help them track the area with a drone and thus find those who may be lost. A tool that is of great help, since it has a powerful zoom where you can perfectly see all the points of our coastline”.



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