Venus de Fuengirola

Fuengirola unveils an ancient and restored Venus statue

Fuengirola unveils an ancient and restored Venus statue

Summer is still ways away, but it is a good time to start enriching the cultural attractions

The city of Fuengirola in the Spanish South is betting on its Roman heritage as an attractor for tourists and those who have a knack for history and art. One of its newest site additions is the Finca del Secretario Roman villa, which was discovered in 1987 during the works done for the construction of a highway and fully opened for tourism with the unveiling of an Interpretation Centre in 2019 to allow visitors to learn more about the Roman thermal baths, of which there are remains there.

Today, the official website of the city informed that the Centre is getting enriched with the addition of archaeological finds from the area which will join the permanent exhibition on display. The jewel among these is the statue of Venus, which has been recently restored.

Ancient statues can gain iconic imagery in the minds of people – think of the Venus de Milo

The exquisite figure is made of marble and together with other artefacts, it has undergone meticulous restoration before it is presented to the public.

In recent times, this location has undergone various improvements to highlight the history of the city, such as the setting up of an Interpretation Center on-site. Today we are taking a further step, with the expansion of the historical collections exhibited in the Interpretation Center that, for just over a year, has served this archaeological zone,” said Ana Mula, the Mayor of Fuengirola.

She added that “a priority has been the restoration of one of the most important historical remains of the city: the Venus of Fuengirola. It is a sculpture that, from today, can be visited in this Interpretation Center, thus coinciding with the area of ​​the city where it was found”.

The Finca del Secretario villa and its Interpretation Centre can be visited every day of the week, except Mondays.

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