The venue which will host the swimming competitions, Source: Funchal Municipality

Funchal ready to receive the paralympic swimmers of Europe

Funchal ready to receive the paralympic swimmers of Europe

This is an important event for the upcoming Paralympics in Tokyo

The city of Funchal on the island of Madeira is ready to host the European Adapted Swimming Championship. This was announced at a press conference at the end of last week (8 May) by the mayor of the city Miguel Silva Gouveia. The event is important for the para-athletes in that discipline since it will determine quotas for the upcoming Paralympics to take place this summer in Tokyo.

The organization of the championship is a testament to the adaptability of Funchal

The event, which is officially called ‘World Para Swimming European Open Championships', will be held at the Complex of Olympic Swimming Pools between 16 and 22 May and its organization counts with the support of the local city council.

The competition is organized by the Portuguese Swimming Federation, the IPC - International Paralympic Committee and the Madeira Swimming Association, and has the support of the Funchal City Council, which invested 25 thousand euros for the planning of the event, plus logistical support, safety and relief.

Mayor Silva Gouveia welcomed 650 participants from 48 countries stating that “for several years, Funchal is on the route of major international sporting events, so it will be an honour for the city to once again receive the best athletes in the world in adapted swimming, in the antechamber of the Paralympic competition”.

The Mayor also took the opportunity to elaborate on the significance that such an event holds for his city by saying: “The realization of this championship is in line with the work that the Municipality has been developing at the level of inclusion through sport, and also the promotion of inclusive tourism, and we intend this event to be the motto for a recovery across the board, knowing that, next year, Funchal will also have the privilege of hosting the Adapted Swimming World Championship, an indisputable test of confidence in this safe and pleasant destination, in our logistical response capacity, in the hospitality of our people and in the work we have done in recent years, as a Sport-Friendly Municipality”.



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