PrInOs centre, Source: City of Čakovec

Gallery: Čakovec unveils centre for people without housing

Gallery: Čakovec unveils centre for people without housing

The facility is ready to begin welcoming tenants

Earlier this week, the Croatian City of Čakovec revealed that the newly built PrInOs Centre – which will provide accommodation to homeless individuals in Međimurje County – is now ready to accept its first tenants. That is, the facility has passed all technical inspections and can open its doors to not only those who are homeless but also other vulnerable citizens, such as the elderly. 

In a press release, the City of Čakovec reports that the centre contains 5 housing units that can accommodate a total of 20 people. 

Helping individuals become independent

While the centre will not offer permanent shelter and accommodation, it will allow those in need to live there for several months and access various services during their stay. In this way, it will provide them with the opportunity to become more independent and, eventually, leave the centre. 

In other words, it will act as a stepping stone that can, for example, make it easier for individuals to find employment and regain control of their lives. Mayor of Čakovec Ljerka Cividini commented on this during the centre’s construction in December, sharing that people who do not have their basic needs met must rely on the help of others.

According to the municipality, the project is worth HRK 14 million (over EUR 1.8 million) and was funded entirely by the European Regional Development Fund and the Operational Program (OP) Competitiveness and Cohesion.

Within the next several days, the municipality and other local self-government units will sign a project financing agreement with the City Society of the Red Cross Čakovec to further tackle homelessness in the region. 

With the establishment of this facility, Čakovec joins other EU cities in working to eradicate homelessness and improve the lives of vulnerable citizens. 

See the gallery above for photographs of the PrInOs Centre.



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