The Advent Basilika Christmas market in Budapest was voted the best in Europe twice , Source: Advent Basilika Christmas

Gallery: Christmas Markets light up Budapest early

Gallery: Christmas Markets light up Budapest early

The Advent Basilika is the oldest Christmas Market in Budapest and it was voted the best in Europe for 2020 and 2022

Today, two Christmas Markets will open in the centre of the Hungarian capital of Budapest: “Vörösmarty Classic Xmas” on Vörösmarty Square and the “Advent Basilika” on Szent István Square. Both Christmas Markets will run until 1 January with plans for a massive New Year’s Eve event before they close down.

The Advent Basilica

The Advent Basilika is Budapest’s oldest Christmas Market and this will be its 12th year of celebrating the winter holidays at Szent István Square. The event was also named the Best Christmas Market in Europe for 2020 and 2022 by European Best Destinations.

Nearly 25,000 people from 163 countries voted for the Advent Basilica, with most of them coming from the United Kingdom. This year, the market will feature a 12-meter tall Christmas tree, light painting, a selfie spot and ice rink, as well as nearly 120 quality craft and gastronomy exhibitors in the square in front of the Saint Stephen's Basilica.

In addition to flavours and aromas, craft exhibitors - folk artists, industrial artists and innovative creators will offer modern designer products. Moreover, every day from 5:30 PM visitors can enjoy the light painting projected on the facade of the Basilica every half hour.

Vörösmarty Classic Xmas

One of the main attractions of the Vörösmarty Classic Xmas market will be the giant Christmas tree decorations on the “Harisnyaház” building, and a new winter cover for the statue of Mihály Vörösmarty will be unveiled, replacing the previous grey nylon cover to make the Hungarian poet’s monument visible.

In addition to the fairy-tale, heart-warming Christmas atmosphere with handcrafted sellers and the smell of mulled wine, visitors will also be greeted by a miniature locomotive, a children’s favourite, that can be used for free.



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