The historical building at 10 Lutego Street in Gdynia will become a place for active ageing, Source: City of Gdynia

Gdynia prepares a modern meeting centre for seniors

Gdynia prepares a modern meeting centre for seniors

A school building in the 1920’s will become a place for inter-generational exchange

The senior residents of Gdynia will soon have a new place to socialise and practice their hobbies. A modern senior centre is set to be established in the building of what was once Gdynia’s oldest school. There, senior citizens will get the chance to enjoy quality time together, to actively practice sports or educational activities.

With this new project, the Polish city strives to prevent the elderly citizens from getting isolated and lonely – a phenomenon that has gotten even more acute during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gdynia creates the conditions for active ageing

The Polish city of Gdynia informed on its website last week that they are currently looking for contractors for the development of a concept and comprehensive design documentation for the adaptation of a historical building into a Modern Senior Centre. The building at 10 Lutego Street, that in the 1920’s hosted a school, is to be reconverted into a space accessible to all ages, respecting the characteristic and authentic architecture.

The building, conveniently located in the city centre and accessible by public transport, should ideally become a favourite place for the local senior population. With a senior café, a room with a stage and a dancefloor, a room with a kitchenette, the future Senior Centre seems more than attractive. To this are to be added an Internet cafe with multimedia equipment, playing fields and outdoor events spaces, as well as an open-air gym and a pedestrian and bicycle path.

All of this is set to create greater opportunities for quality togetherness time, for active leisure in a common space, where seniors can escape isolation and loneliness – two phenomena that have been on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the space will be designed, so as to be accessible to all generations and to encourage exchanges between people of various ages.

We know how important meetings are for seniors, during which they can talk, share their thoughts or gain new skills. The construction of the Modern Senior Centre is our response to the needs of Gdynia residents”, explained Michał Guć, vice-mayor for innovation. “The current epidemiological situation means that we have much fewer opportunities for personal meetings with others, but thanks to the activities of the Senior Activity Centre, Gdynia University of the Third Age and senior clubs operating in our city, we know that older people are eagerly waiting for the possibility of stationary reunions.

We hope that thanks to the adaptation of the building at 10 Lutego Street in Gdynia, the already rich offer of activities for seniors will expand soon. When preparing the building modernization project, we will, of course, consult it with future users, so as to best adapt it to the expectations of seniors”, he concluded, quoted on the municipal website.

The concept tender for a Modern Senior Centre is expected to complete by Wednesday. Then, the reconstruction of the historic building respecting high accessibility requirements will take about a year.

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