The aim is to have smart traffic lights become the new common in Germany, Source: Depositphotos

German town tests the traffic light of the future

German town tests the traffic light of the future

It looks like a regular traffic signal, but it has more features and responds intelligently to the situation on the road below

The Bavarian town of Essenbach features what has been described as a “traffic light of the future” by German media. The new traffic signal looks like a regular one at first glance. However, it has more and smarter features with the aim of giving it more control over the road traffic so it will help it flow in a smoother way.

The traffic light, which has been described as a pilot project for the time being, is led by the Bavarian Ministry of Transport. The findings from the pilot project will be used to equip and upgrade additional traffic light systems in Bavaria with the smart technology.

What makes it different from regular traffic lights?

The Bavarian authorities are excited about the new traffic lights as they claim that it will provide additional road safety and solutions for common traffic problems – something that classic traffic signals can’t do.

The smart traffic light, for example, can give priority to emergency vehicles, such as ambulances or firefighter trucks when it detects them approaching. It turns the lights red for all other vehicles allowing the unobstructed passage of the emergency vehicles.

In addition, the light shows cyclists when and for how long it will turn green. A collision warning system is supposed to make sure that there is no crash at all. And then a turning assistant should make traffic as safe and fluid as possible. 

The intersection in Essenbach was picked for the pilot because “there is a fire station in the immediate vicinity for blue light prioritization, a cycle path runs over a traffic light and the visibility into the side streets enables the testing of intelligent turning assistants and collision warning systems," according to the Bavarian Ministry of Transport, as quoted by BR.

The cost of the smart traffic light is around 100,000 euros.



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