An example of a tiny house, Source: City of Neckarsulm

German town to promote "tiny houses" as an answer to housing crisis

German town to promote "tiny houses" as an answer to housing crisis

The minuscule test properties are meant to inaugurate an era of affordability

The German town of Neckarsulm (Baden-Wurtemberg) has decided that it wants to give residents the chance to live in a house, even if that has been becoming increasingly difficult to afford due to rising property prices. For this purpose, the local authorities have put up a call for proposals for the development of two land plots owned by the city, with the express purpose of building two tiny houses on them.

That in fact is the name of the experimental initiative, as well. “Tiny Houses” will be houses, mounted on wheels, with a maximum living space of 50 square metres. These properties will be suitable for single-person households or small families.

A role model that can be taught

Whoever gets the contract can rent the building sites from the city for up to 25 years. Neckarsulm wants to enable affordable home ownership, especially for single people and small families. 

The aim is to “create attractive housing options for small households and to distribute the few available residential areas in Neckarsulm according to needs”.

Developers should generally be prepared to commit to a minimalist and resource-saving lifestyle and limit their housing needs to the essentials. A lively, neighbourly relationship between the two households through mutual support, integrated into the design, will also be welcomed. 

The two living parties should also be prepared to use the outdoor area (car and bicycle parking, vegetable patch, barbecue area) together and to share gardening equipment, lawn mowers and tools. 

The city invites suitable applicants to a personal interview before 31 December. The decisive factor for the success of the applicant will be determined by whoever best suits the goals of the urban model project.

The aim of the initiative is to distribute residential offers according to needs. Plus, the idea is to show private owners of unused land plots how they could make them useful without too much hassle.



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