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Germany, Belgium and France to get 215 million for faster Covid-recovery

Germany, Belgium and France to get 215 million for faster Covid-recovery

The largest EU grant, called REACT-EU, wants to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

The European Commission announced on 24 June 2021 that around 215 million euros will be going to Germany, Belgium and France through the REACT-EU program. The idea is to help the workforce and accelerate the green and digital transition.

This decision will help these Member States deal with the economic and social impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

REACT-EU – the biggest single policy grant in the EU budget

REACT-EU (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe) is part of the way the European Union is pushing for a swift recovery from the pandemic and the economic downturn that goes with it.

This is one of the largest programmes amounting to EUR 50.6 billion on top of Cohesion funds and Structural and Investment Funds, becoming the highest single policy grant in the EU budget.

In Germany, the European Social Fund (ESF) in Hamburg will get an additional 25 million to support more than 13,000 people so that they can receive additional job training, increasing their job prospects.

At the same time, Belgium will add 89 million to ESF in Flanders to support the development of skills needed for a green and digital economy, while helping people find new jobs in the post-pandemic world.

The French overseas territory of Guyana will also benefit from this decision with a 101-million-euro investment going into a variety of public health and infrastructure projects.

These include the creation of a specialised children’s clinic at Cayenne Hospital and a health centre at the University of Cayenne. The money will also go towards the expansion of the broadband network and the construction of schools and bicycle lanes to connect them.

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