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Germany claims “Top Nation” title for fifth year in a row

Germany claims “Top Nation” title for fifth year in a row

It has ranked highest out of 60 countries on the 2021 Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index

Each year, the Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) assesses the images of countries around the world, conducting interviews with individuals to find out which are the world’s top nations. For the 2021 NBI, researchers increased their sample size from 20,000 interviews to 60,000 per year and evaluated 60 nations, instead of the usual 50.

In a press release, Ipsos revealed that Germany was found to be this year’s “top nation”. The European country has maintained this impressive reputation for five consecutive years, earning first place every year since 2017. In addition to this, Germany was also the highest-ranking nation in 2008 and 2014.

Germany’s success

Discussing the country’s remarkable reputation, Ipsos shared that the nation’s success is owed to its exceptional performance in all 5 categories: exports, immigration, investment, governance, and culture.

Expanding on this, global respondents revealed that they felt positive about buying German products and investing in German businesses. Beyond this, the employability of German people, the government’s efforts to fight poverty, and the nation’s achievements in sports also contributed to the country’s high score.

How did other countries rank?

This year, Germany was closely followed by Canada, which ranked second for the first time. Japan and Italy have also ranked higher than in previous years, with Japan climbing up to 3rd place from 4th and Italy to 4th place from 6th.

Of course, not all countries have witnessed an improvement in their reputation as the US has dropped significantly, from 6th place to 10th. Similarly, the UK has fallen from 2nd place to 5th. The changes in the rankings of the top 10 nations can be seen below:

Top 10 rankings comparison
Top 10 rankings comparison (Source: Ipsos)

The top 10 nations in the 2021 Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index are:

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Italy
  5. UK
  6. France
  7. Switzerland
  8. US
  9. Sweden
  10. Australia

 To view the rankings of all 60 nations, visit Ipsos’ website.



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