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Get your home included in the Sustainable Homes Route of the Netherlands

Get your home included in the Sustainable Homes Route of the Netherlands

This the perfect way to spread the word about your efforts in making your home more sustainable

Have you had experiences with making your house more sustainable? If you want to share it, inspire and help others to follow in your footsteps or simply to brag about it, this is the perfect solution for you. Every homeowner can register his or her property on the National Sustainable Homes Route of the Netherlands which showcases good examples of sustainable practices in the households. Whether it is wall insulation, solar panels or balance ventilation, all knowledge and experiences are valuable for someone who is at the start of the process.

In brief, the National Sustainable Homes Route is a platform for everyone who is interested in sustainable living. You can ask or answer questions 365 days a year on the website, consult the sustainable houses in your area and get connected with like-minded individuals.

For those who want to go even further, there are also the thematic sustainable tours. These are tours on a specific theme in which a group of people visit homes and explore a concrete side to the sustainability adaptation of homes. You too can open your house for a few hours or even the whole day on 2 and/or 9 November 2019 and receive visitors, curious to learn more about how you approached the difficult tasks. With your participation you become part of a large group of enthusiastic homeowners throughout the Netherlands. And finally, you can get included in the local news broadcast for your contribution.

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