'Lens on Ghent' uses AR to intrigue the viewer, Source: City of Ghent

Ghent app breathes life into historic spots of the city

Ghent app breathes life into historic spots of the city

‘Lens on Ghent’ also includes an audio guide for those who are in an exploring mood

Most European cities have ancient origins and have gone through many transformations throughout their existence and yet their current inhabitants are rarely aware of these changes. Others may not even care to dwell on that fact. But for those who do, the City of Ghent has launched a free app called “Lens on Ghent” which lets users peek into the past of their hometown thanks to augmented reality (AR).

The aim of the tool, created together with the software developer firm Proximus, is to make architectural cultural heritage more tangible, but in a different dimension. In a way, it’s a bit like travelling back in time.

With this app, we invite visitors to take the time to really get to know the beauty and story of the city. You cannot discover and experience Ghent in just one day, and this application proves that once again,” explains Bram Van Braeckevelt, Alderman for Tourism.

What can you experience through the app?

‘Lens on Ghent’ is available in Dutch, French and English, which makes it suitable for both residents and visitors to the Flemish city, rich in historic treasures.

For example, anyone walking around De Bijloke site can digitally 'peek inside' the centuries-old concert hall and experience the transformation from a medieval hospital into the contemporary music centre De Bijloke.

The gigantic Hof ten Walle reappears in the Prinsenhof, a completely walled palace that was inhabited by counts, dukes and wealthy patricians over the centuries, but fell into disrepair. Along the Graslei and Korenlei quays, walkers will see the moored ships that point to the busy port activity that used to take place there.

The app offers a guided audio tour that encourages you to explore and hear interesting historical tidbits about the places you’re passing by.

Enthusiasts can also shorten or extend their route as desired using various walking loops on a digital map, good for about 13 kilometres of walking pleasure. 



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