What parties used to be like before Covid-19, Source: City of Ghent

Ghent gives 250 thousand euros for corona-proof parties

Ghent gives 250 thousand euros for corona-proof parties

No one knows when the pandemic will be over, but the city authorities want to make 2021 a festive one

It is unclear when and under what form events and celebrations can resume. Ghent residents are nevertheless eager to party, and organizers are ready to oblige. That is why the City of Ghent is launching a special fund with a starting budget of 250 000 euros. Knaldrangfond will allow organizers to respond flexibly to changing circumstances.

It is about time someone threw a good party

“Our Knaldrang Fund is an answer to the attitude that prevails among people and organizers after more than a year without real parties and events. The circumstances will still be difficult, but we are ready to respond flexibly. We will seize every opportunity we get to make 2021 a festive year, together with the organizers,” commented Alderman Astrid De Bruycker, as quoted on the city website.

As part of Knaldrangfonds, event organisers can use from 2500 to 40 000 euros for the preparation of coronavirus-proof events. All events that take place mainly outdoors and that are organized in 2021 on the territory of the Flemish city are eligible for this subsidy.

They can get back up to 80% of the production and artistic costs incurred. An organiser can apply up to two times, for two different events and the applications will be assessed by a jury, meeting every two weeks.

In addition, the event must be publicly accessible and respect the safety conditions adopted by the City of Ghent. The fund is yet to be approved by the city council on 1 March, hence more information about the application procedures should be announced after this date.

The money for the fund comes from traditional and recurring events, city fairs, etc. that were impossible to take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. All or part of the amounts that would usually go for their organisation will instead be directed to the new Fund, so that organizers can quickly and flexibly receive resources for the safe alternatives.

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