Wind power is becoming more efficient and economic

Giant wind turbines will stand tall in Austria

Giant wind turbines will stand tall in Austria

90 000 households will be provided with electricity in Neusiedl am See

The largest wind turbines in Austria are going to be built in Neusiedl am See district of Burgenland state. The devices, which will reach a height of 242 metres, will be installed by the wind power company Püspök between the towns of Gols and Mönchhof.

The new wind turbines, whose height is measured to the blade tip, are significantly larger than the existing 150-meter-tall turbines. In comparison, the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna is a mere 136 metres tall. The turbines have already been spaced relatively far apart, so the estimate is that there will be room for 30 wind turbines rather than 25 in the same wind park.

In the future, Püspök also wants to generate more electricity from solar energy. “Photovoltaics, on one hand, when there is a lot of sun and wind power on the other hand when there is a lot of wind - that makes a lot of sense. We are not only active in Burgenland, but also other federal states in Austria but still from Burgenland as a Burgenland company. We are also very selectively active in individual markets outside of Austria,” said managing director Lukas Püspök. 

Around 100 metres higher than Vienna’s St. Stephen Cathedral

Wind power is becoming more efficient and cheaper to produce. After the new wind turbines start spinning, the Gols wind farm will provide electricity to 90,000 households, up from 25,000 previously. After replacing the wind turbines, Püspök will have a 30% market share in Burgenland to become Austria's second-largest wind farm operator after Energie Burgenland.

“We have achieved a very good use of space here in Northern Burgenland where we have a lot of wind turbines. We are not only mathematically self-sufficient on renewable energies in this state but also far beyond,” commented Püspök.



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