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Glasgow’s carsharing club goes eco-friendly thanks to government stimulus

Glasgow’s carsharing club goes eco-friendly thanks to government stimulus

The City Council has provided the Club with funding, allowing it to exchange some of its vehicles with zero-emission alternatives

Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone has been a great success for the city and its climate ambitions. More and more people are choosing less polluting and healthier mobility alternatives as the Zone has slowly been expanding to more and more places across the city centre.

In no small part, however, the success is owed to the Scottish government’s readiness to provide funding for different projects and initiatives that support its implementation. One of such projects is Glasgow’s Co-wheels Car Club -a carsharing club which has received ample support to allow it to extend its operations into the Low Emission Zone without issue.

Carsharing going green

The Co-wheels Car Club boasts some 2000 members and offers a wide range of vehicles available for hire. Said vehicles are spread around the city at convenient locations that make them easily accessible for anyone that needs to travel.

The funding provided by the Scottish Government has allowed to club to replace the eight vehicles that operate within the confines of the Low Emission Zone with zero emission alternatives, thus making them perfectly viable for travel without breaking any rules. Furthermore, the funding allocated by authorities has also been used to install additional charging equipment for these new vehicles, making electric cars even more convenient for citizens.

Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, Cllr Anna Richardson, stated that “This Scottish Government funding which has been used across a variety of projects, will help us to further promote and support sustainable transport uptake across our city, as well as reducing congestion. Increased numbers of zero emission vehicles available to hire, combined with the installation of extra publically accessible EV charging points, will make a vital contribution towards our commitment to prioritise sustainable transport in Glasgow."



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