Graz is ready to waltz on top of the world , Source: Mathias Kniepeiss via Aufsteirern Festival

Graz wants to dance the greatest waltz in the world

Graz wants to dance the greatest waltz in the world

City authorities are preparing to break the world record for the biggest waltz event in the world and they need everyone to join in

On 18 September, during the Aufsteirern Festival in Graz, local dance schools will attempt to break the record for most waltz dancing couples. The dance schools in the Austrian State of Styria have organised the event and they will need at least 1,600 dancing couples to break the record.

The event will also have the support of ‘Let’s go Graz’, the city’s sports initiative. City Councillor for Sport Kurt Hohensinner was quoted in an official statement, saying that Graz is the perfect place to attempt a new world record. This is because the city can boast 11 dance schools and 3 dance clubs, with over 900 participating members.

People can take an online waltz class from the city

Everyone can take part in the event and people do not need to be ardent waltz dancers. There are also no special requirements for a dress code, although, the organisers say that if people dress in the traditional Austrian style, that would be much appreciated.

Additionally, although this is not an absolute requirement, they ask people to register that they will take part on the city of Graz website. This would make the counting process much quicker. There, people will also be able to find two dancing tutorials, if they feel like refreshing their waltzing skills or getting a taste of the event.

Folk culture

One of the reasons why authorities are so confident they will be able to break the world record is that the event will take place during the Aufsteirern Festival – the biggest folk festival in Austria.

Although the festival attracted much fewer people in the last couple of years due to COVID-19, it brought in around 130,000 guests to Graz in 2019, making it one the biggest event of its kind. It also has the support of all Styrian folk associations, meaning that the whole state is likely to join in the dance.

Trieste, in Italy, holds the current waltz attendance record, where an impressive 1,598 couples danced. In Graz, however, there will be live music that will get everyone in the right mood. As Claudia Eichler from the Eichler dance school put it in a statement: “Just come and join in.”

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