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Greek PM unveils ambitious agenda to secure a green future

Greek PM unveils ambitious agenda to secure a green future

One of the reforms seeks to ensure that all new taxis in Athens and Thessaloniki are electric or zero-emission from 2025

On 4 November, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a meeting to discuss the country’s green transition. More specifically, he unveiled a concrete plan consisting of four key reforms that will help Greece fight the climate crisis and become a greener country.

A coherent programme

To begin fulfilling its climate commitments, Greece will first adopt a climate law. Second, it will outline a new framework for the production and storage of electricity using clean and renewable energy sources. Third, it will reform its hydrocarbon management authority. Lastly, it will adhere to a four-year plan which will help the country switch to a circular economy. Discussing these reforms, the PM stated:

“We are talking, therefore, about a multilevel, coherent program that will lead Greece to a new era with goals and timetables. It is a development that, on the one hand, will offer clean and cheap energy and at the same time offer many good, new jobs and a better quality of life for the citizens.”

Concrete steps to improve everyday life

Aside from the aforementioned goals, Mitsotakis announced three reforms that will address the climate crisis and improve the everyday life of Greek citizens:

  1. From 2023, the installation of oil burners will be prohibited for newly built homes when there is an adequate gas network.
  2. From 2025, all new taxis in Athens and Thessaloniki (as well as a third of all rental cars) must be electric or zero-emission vehicles.
  3. From 2030, the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines will be prohibited.

Commenting on the above, the PM noted that although the country’s goals may seem bold and ambitious, they are absolutely necessary. Moreover, it is the government’s plan and green agenda that will guarantee their realisation.



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