Nightlife is (mostly) back in Spain

Half of Spain dropped the COVID restrictions on the weekend

Half of Spain dropped the COVID restrictions on the weekend

Here is a look, region by region, at the few remaining measures in force

Spain began the weekend by having dropped all the anti-COVID social restrictions in 8 eight of its autonomous regions. That means that 21 million people or half of the population can regain the sense of normality, including things like tearing up the dancefloor at their local nightclubs.

The country is mostly in the green zone, with 77% of its population vaccinated and the level of infections, the lowest since July 2020. The following regions are back to what can be described as normal life, keeping in mind, however, that masks still need to be worn indoors where distance can’t be maintained: Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Valencian Region, Extremadura, Madrid, Navarre and the Basque Country.

What are the remaining restrictions?

Andalusia has mostly arrived at the ‘low-risk’ level, except for its capital Seville, the Western Costa del Sol, part of Huelva Province and the entire province of Almería. In these areas, hotels and catering establishments still have to maintain a 75%-capacity and have to close at 2 am.

In Aragon, the authorities have decided to keep the restrictions for the time being on account of the mingling expected during the cultural week in Zaragoza and its annual festival honouring the patron saint of the city – Our Lady of the Pillar. There, indoor capacity is still capped at 50%, nightlife establishments can stay open until 4 am and meetings of up to 30 people are allowed for private functions.

The Balearic Islands and Catalonia have reopened their nightlife scene however, customers have to show a vaccination certificate in order to get in. Nightclubs can stay open until 5 am (in Catalonia until 6 am on weekends), at 75% capacity (same for hotels), but drinks consumption should only be done at tables, and dancing with masks.

The Canary Islands has also upped the hospitality industry indoor capacity to 75% and 6 people per table. Outdoors, it respectively 100% and 10 people per group. Bars must close at 4 am.

Night establishments in Cantabria must close at 3 am. Galicia has increased indoor capacity to 90% with catering establishments allowed to stay open until 1 am (groups of 10 people maximum indoors, 20 – outdoors). Nightlife can go on until 4 am, but those who want to enter after 3 am need to present a vaccination certificate.

La Rioja has allowed the hotels, bars and nightclubs to open with 75% capacity indoors, however, the sale of alcohol is prohibited after 10 pm.



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