Hamburg’s first cradle-to-cradle building to be created in HafenCity

Hamburg’s first cradle-to-cradle building to be created in HafenCity

The building will boast co-living and co-working areas while being entirely in-sync with the environment

In a first for the entirety of Germany, Hamburg will soon begin construction of a unique cradle-to-cradle apartment block in HafenCity. The edifice, owned by Moringa GmbH by Landmarken AG in Aachen and also called Moringa, will boast a total of 190 apartments, as well as co-living and co-working spaces. Most importantly, however, the entire building will be perfectly in-sync with the environment and with nature.

The cradle-to-cradle concept and its implementation in Hamburg

Boiling it down to its basics, the cradle-to-cradle design means for industries, buildings and products to become one with nature. They are meant to be made out of and rely entirely on reusable materials while simultaneously acting as a type of recycling economy within themselves by acting as material stores and by generating added value constantly without damaging the environment but by instead protecting it and by conserving resources.

In essence, the HafenCity’s new cradle-to-cradle building will be the very image of sustainability and will provide a blueprint for future similar projects that will work towards safeguarding the environment and stopping climate change.

The complex that will begin construction in 2024 will act as the area’s “green lung” and will consist of three parts. The first part, boasting some 11.900 square metres will house living spaces.

The 2nd part will fulfil another basic purpose, hosting co-working and co-living areas, as well as restaurants, shops and a nursery.  On top of that, the underground car park will offer space for around 400 bikes and 50 cars.

Finally, the building’s very façade will contribute to the green agenda. Filled with greenery, the rooftop gardens and courtyard will serve yet another important purpose in further reducing CO2 emissions and helping the whole of Hamburg achieve a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.



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