Helsingoborg will become one of the handful cities worldwide to have an entire innovation district, Source: Helsingborg Municipality

Helsingborg affirms its visionary position with an innovation district

Helsingborg affirms its visionary position with an innovation district

HEIDI is the name of the new quarter, and it will be established in Oceanhamnen, which was also the site of the H22 Expo

Helsingborg is known globally as a city of innovation and it wants to keep this reputation growing. Part of this strategy is the decision to create an entirely new innovation district in the Oceanhamnen neighbourhood at the waterfront. Its name will be HEIDI, which stands for Helsingborg Innovation District.

In 2020, Helsingborg was named one of Europe's most innovative cities and in 2022 the H22 City Expo, Europe's largest arena for sustainable urban development and innovation, was arranged.

Where forward-thinking business and academia will cohabit and create

The new innovation district must provide the conditions for new innovations. Among other things, by connecting different actors, it can act as a catalyst so that new innovative solutions are created. Solutions that contribute to increased sustainable growth in the region. The goal is to become an internationally leading meeting place for the innovation work of business, academia and the public.

The aim is to create a joint arena that promotes innovation collaborations for new smart solutions and business ideas, not least linked to the climate challenges the city is facing.

The Helsingborg Innovation District (HEIDI) will be established in the first half of 2023. In the spring, a business manager will be hired who will be tasked with coordinating activities and connecting the actors operating within the innovation district. The coordinator must ensure that the Innovation District develops and positions Helsingborg on the national and international innovation map.

Geographically speaking, its borders will reach Helsingborg Central Station to the north and stretch south via Oceanhamnen to the area where Campus Helsingborg and RecoLab are located.



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