Valencia is one of the guest cities to present their take on high quality urban lifestyle at the H22 Expo, Source: H22 City Expo

Helsingborg’s H22 City Expo will also host six European sustainable cities

Helsingborg’s H22 City Expo will also host six European sustainable cities

The guest cities will all showcase their particular innovations

The H22 City Expo opening days in Helsingborg (Sweden) will not be all about the host city. From 30 May to 2 June, the Expo will feature Urban Brilliance – a thrilling urban mashup, consisting of showcases from six innovative European cities: Valencia, Oslo, Greater Copenhagen, Tampere, Tallinn, and Linz.

At Hamntorget square, in the heart of Helsingborg, attendees will be able to explore, test, and even help develop the very latest in smart city solutions. They will see first-hand projects and prototypes from the pioneering cities that have come to present their take on the theme of future development.

Some innovative projects to look forward to

The goal is to create a vibrant international arena for cities to share solutions and best practices, co-create, workshop, and inspire future collaborations to make the cities of the world more sustainable. Here’s a look at some of the things that the guest cities are expected to present:

Greater Copenhagen: The largest Nordic metropolitan area, with its four regions, 84 municipalities and 4.4 million citizens, will present the smartest solutions for climate adaptation together with the Climate Adaptation Living Lab, among others. People can also discover the many uses of robotics and AI for the public sector together with the innovative company RobotMinds.

Linz: The “Creative Robotics” and “Fashion & Technology” departments at the Arts University in Linz will demonstrate intriguing projects. Also, there will be Boston Dynamics’ “Spot”, a robot dog that helps us to visualise the consequences of climate change. Participants can gain insights into Ars Electronica Center and its Futurelab, or send a message to the citizens of Linz by using the interactive “Spot on” installation.

Oslo: The previous European Green Capital winner will showcase the OSLO Dugnad-exhibition. Four models are exhibited that demonstrate different models for more sustainable urban development. Kristians Augusts gate 13 and Recipe for Future Living represent a re-use concept based exclusively on the circular economy, sustainable use of resources, and re-use. The assembly building Festiviteten shows an impressive restoration project. WoHo Berlin is a high rise using the renewable resource timber to significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

Tallinn: The European Green Capital 2023 is concentrating on opportunities to promote green technologies and green thinking, investing in and facilitating the development of technologies that will contribute to a more sustainable and CO2-neutral city environment.

Tampere: The Finnish city will present scalable data-driven solutions in security technologies and IoT solutions. The Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience (SURE) project aims to increase cross-sectoral preparedness for threats against public spaces and other urban security threats in Tampere. The city will also present an IoT platform for outdoor lighting control and monitoring of outdoor areas in the urban environment.

Valencia: In 2020, the city of Valencia launched Valencia Missions 2030, a governance model based on innovative missions promoted by the European Union and aimed at improving people’s lives. Visitors will be able to discover the Valencian quality of life and the city’s projects to improve sustainable consumption and recover and expand its green spaces.



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