Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki aims to become the third most bicycle-friendly city in the world

Helsinki aims to become the third most bicycle-friendly city in the world

The Finnish capital will paint a cycling-themed mural and install new infrastructure

Nearly everybody knows that the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world are Copenhagen and Amsterdam. However, very few people know which cities follow. The capital of Finland has announced that it wants to change this by becoming recognised as the world’s third best cycling city.

The most bicycle-friendly cities in the world are ranked by the Copenhagenize Index. According to this index, Helsinki is currently in tenth place. Now, it seeks to rise up the ranks with the launch of a new campaign aimed at encouraging cycling.

What will the new campaign feature?

In a press release, Helsinki announced that it will create a cycling-themed mural which will be painted in the railway underpass at Helsinginkatu. This mural will reflect the capital’s goals by depicting the city alongside Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Its completion is expected to take place by the end of this month.

In addition to this, the municipality will also enhance its cycling infrastructure. Taking this further, it will install diagonal bins (bins at an angle) which will make it easier for cyclists to dispose of garbage whilst they cycle. In this way, the city not only makes the use of bicycles easier but also minimises littering.

It is important to stress that Helsinki’s ultimate goal goes far beyond increasing the number of cyclists in the capital. That is, the municipality’s goals are also linked to the environment and the creation of a city that is functional and safe.

The Cycling Coordinator at the City of Helsinki Oskari Kaupinmäki commented on the city’s ambitions in a press release on the municipality’s website: “Promoting cycling isn’t a goal in itself, but a way to create a city that’s safer, more comfortable and more functional. We want Helsinki to be an enjoyable city for everyone, no matter what mode of transport they use. By developing transport systems as a whole, we can make transport safer and more convenient for all Helsinki citizens.”

The campaign will be carried through under the city’s OmaStadi project: an initiative which allows residents to vote on what the city’s budget should be used for. By setting this goal, Helsinki proves its dedication to creating a city that is safe and green.



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