Health and safety measures at Helsinki Airport, Source: Finavia

Helsinki Airport receives an award for its hygiene measures during the pandemic

Helsinki Airport receives an award for its hygiene measures during the pandemic

The Airports Council International has granted Helsinki Airport the Airport Service Quality Award for the measures it has taken to ensure the safety of its passengers during COVID

Helsinki Airport has been granted the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award, reported Finnish airport service operator FINAVIA. Moreover, it has received recognition for the hygiene measures that it took during the pandemic. The Airports Council International (ACI) bestowed the awards, selecting Helsinki Airport as the best European airport in its size category (15-25 million passengers) in 2020.

COVID-19 measures

Throughout the past year, everyone was advised to stay at home as travel restrictions were implemented to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. While most people had the ability to stay in the safe comfort of their homes, others had no other option but to travel. Unsurprisingly, ever since the start of the pandemic, the idea of travelling has become something that is feared and dreaded as people worry that they may contract the virus at the airport or in the airplane.

Knowing this, the Helsinki Airport took extra precautions and all the necessary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers. On its website, the Finnish airport operator Finavia, reported that action was taken early on as it had been investing in communication and health security since January 2020.

Some of the airport’s most innovative measures include the introduction of COVID-sniffing dogs as well as the UVC disinfection of trays at security control.

Customer experience

It is important to note that the decision for the award was based on passenger surveys. “Serving passengers and maintaining a good customer experience, even in difficult times, is of paramount importance to us. We can be especially proud of the awards because last year tested us in many ways. Thanks are due to every airport employee,” the Airport Director for Helsinki Airport Ulla Lettijeff shared on Finavia's website.

Lettijeff further noted that the award and recognition act as proof that Helsinki Airport is on the right path. “This brings hope to the future,” she said. “We have been among the first to try innovative ways of working in this situation that is unfamiliar to everyone. The biggest reward for us is the positive feedback we receive from customers.”

Hopefully, other airports will soon follow the example that Helsinki airport has set to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent the spread of the virus.

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