Contactless payment point , Source: Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL)

Helsinki and Tampere test contactless payment on public transport

Helsinki and Tampere test contactless payment on public transport

The Finnish cities will facilitate and modernise travel

People all over the world are rapidly becoming accustomed to using contactless cards when making purchases. The ability to pay without having to exchange physical notes and coins has become even more popular following the outbreak of the pandemic.

That is, those who were once sceptical have now grown fond of this method of payment which allows them to make purchases easily, quickly, and securely.

Finnish public transport opts for contactless payment

Now, some of Finland’s biggest public transport operators have begun to test the use of contactless payment in the capital city and Tampere. More specifically, they have seen the need to modernise the transport system in order to facilitate travel for those who use contactless cards and rarely carry physical money.

It is important to note that this decision comes at an important time when, to reiterate, people have begun to appreciate the safety and security that is provided by contactless payment. By making this method of payment possible, the Finnish transport operators are also alleviating the concerns of those who are vulnerable and afraid of the virus.

Furthermore, the Customer Experience and Sales Director at Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) Mari Flink believes travellers will find the new system more convenient, reported the online magazine Intelligent Transport. That is, instead of having to queue up in order to buy a ticket, travellers can simply tap their cards and devices on the contactless readers provided by the transport operators.

Currently, contactless payment is available on ferries and certain tram lines in Helsinki. In addition to this, it has been installed in Tampere on buses operated by Nysse.

Moreover, it must be noted that the Turku region’s public transport Föli also introduced contactless payment earlier this year, allowing travellers to pay for buses using debit or credit cards as of January 2021.

The digitisation of payments makes life easier for both locals and tourists. Taking this further, it encourages more people to use public transport by facilitating travel, making it more accessible, and alleviating worries.



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