Helsinki brings forward new tool for seniors to stay healthy and social

Helsinki brings forward new tool for seniors to stay healthy and social

It allows for online doctor appointments and group activities with others using the app

It is no secret that the population of Europe is ageing rapidly. Finland is no exception to the rule. In fact, the demographic outlook of Finland looks just as bad as most of the others of countries across the continent – currently 22% of its citizens are seniors. With the figure quickly growing, every third person in Finland will be over 65 in 50 years’ time.

The inescapable reality had forced authorities – both national and local – to look for solutions on how to make life easier for the ageing population.

An innovative solution from Helsinki

One such idea comes from Helsinki’s Service Centre Palvelukeskus. The tool that they are developing aims to make it easier for seniors to remain up to date on their health conditions without leaving the house – all the while helping them stay socially active.

Through the use of the remote care tool, seniors will be able to chat with doctors and nurses in real-time and use different smart medication dispensers to fulfil their healthcare needs.

A bonus service offered by the tool is the opportunity to access virtual groups alongside other users of the app. Although this is not its primary use, the service is equally important as it takes care of the mental health of the patient and combats the onsets of loneliness that are endemic for the elderly population across Finland.

Access to the tool is granted after a check-up. The results take into account the patient’s wellbeing and health status, rather than their tech-savviness – the tool itself is made as simple as possible so that more people will be able to make use of it without much difficulty.

The tool is yet another example of Helsinki taking the initiative and providing smart solutions to its elderly population. Another such project was the Finnish capital’s initiative to promote the electronic payment of bills among its senior population.



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